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Since 2500 BC, “The land between two continents and two oceans” was a favored destination. From 409 until 429, The Vandals, a Germanic people, occupied it and named it “Vandalusia”. In 711 Andalusia witnessed the booming time of the Umayyad dynasty. The discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492, marked its golden age that remained until its decline in the 17th Century. Despite all the conflicts and fluctuations, a lasting influence emerged from its cuisine, its architecture, its gardens, and its textiles.

Fragrance Diffuser

  • Material: Porcelain 
  • Height: 7.7" 
  • Weight: 6.4oz
  • Designed in Lebanon


  • Vase 
  • Vase Cover
  • Fragrance Container
  • Fragrance sticks
  • 150 ml Fragrance

Fragrance Options:

  • Amber & Patchouli
  • Damson & Jasmine
  • Sandalwood 

The fragrances are free of alcohol and pesticides.

    A little trick, for a small bouquet of flowers, remove the two small elements of the diffuser to use it as a decorative vase.

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